Reviews for "Another Day Two"


This is the best series I have seen. This should be a recomended stress relief kit. Great job!

Amazing again!

I'm becoming a big fan of yours! I love this bunny!

Nicely Done,

ilkied the whole vid and it was quite soothing the graphics were nice it reminds me of little kid drawings but in a good way.

Easy Queezy

Less head spinning that AD1, but it no way less stimulating. In a strange way, the rabbit world feels very real, in a strange story book way. The game part was a nice touch, at first its like "oh they've lost it" then your all like "Ahh, how clever". The whole thing is easy going, and very relaxing. I could really see this sort of thing as a proper music video.

Although I still feel a little sick from watching it, my head is still trying to tell my eyes that lines and surfaces should wobble!

Very good i like the style

It would be better if u put some of that well i guess dry kind of humor thats in your decline games though.