Reviews for "Another Day Two"

A Stunning Work of Art

The lives each and everyone of us leads everday was just shown on this flash. Many would say that sounds boring and stupid, while actually it is a great concept. Music is the only thing that accompanies the great visuals (very original). Violence, humor, or a plot would have killed this immediotly, it would have drawn the viewers attention away from the music and visuals. The message given in this is something all of us have heard many times before, "be thankful for what we have." Usually when we hear that we write it off as another shitty moral, but this really makes you see the beauty that has been bestowed on us. A brilliant flash.

good :)

It was cool but made me disy


This is probably the most actionless cartoon on newgrounds. So why did i like it so much? Maybe my luv 4 the super flash bros (I AM NOT GAY!!!!)


made me feel drunk

Nicely made

It was nicely made, intresting, but no humor or action so its gets pretty dull but i like the style. Keep up the good work! =)