Reviews for "Another Day Two"

That was cute

That was cute with his friend:)

Reminds me of Sonic and Knuckles a bit.

The way he killed that armor dude was smooth..

thank you

for making the animation less choppy. still needs more work but any progress is better than what the first one was like. nice, peaceful story in a website full of action filled movies. i like it! improve the animation and it would be even better


Keeping with the simple. Nice. Not complaining either, simple is the best way to go. Going through another simple day. Instead of showing twists and turns in plots you show everyday life amongst people, but with more of a Winnie-The-Pooh quality. I really liked this one and the series just keeps on getting better.

|| Good Points ||
*Music was nice
*Graphics were good

|| Bad Points ||

im still liken' your style.

this one i better on length and every thing, i guess. don't change your wavy style.