Reviews for "Another Day Two"

it was ok

that was't bad you make a good movie! you should make the game they were playing at red rabbit's house, it look ultra fun!

but ya like corky52 sed the lines moving back and fourth were very annoying if that wasn't there i would give it a 10/10

not bad again..

I still think the lines moving back and forth are very annoying.


it was a good movie the music annoyed me

Awesome style

I love the style of the Another Day series. Brilliant sequel. Well done.

This is soooo cute!

I know you probably have enough reviews saying the same thing, but I figured I'd just drop you a line anyway. Recognision of talent is always nice. ^_^ I wish I could do something like you - I tried once, but... I umm, failed miserably.

It was hilarious though. My character looked like it was doing the moonwalk.