Reviews for "Another Day Two"


wel its beter then that first 1.
i see hes friend got a beter house then him :P


ilov ur series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its a little better than the first one but still (not tryin to be a dick) put alittle action in it...

This isn't deserving of any of the attention.

1 was bad. This one was bad. Theres nothing redeeming about any of this. Going to watch all the other ones now. Hope they don't suck.

Why are you all so impressed?

The animation wasn't that fantastic, there was no audio except for music. It wasn't funny. There were no explosions, I just don't understand why you all are so damn impressed. There wasn't even a story. It's just a poorly designed character of a blue rabbit. I really don't get why you people are in shock and awe of this "fantastic production". I wasn't impressed at all, as you can see by the score I gave it.