Reviews for "Another Day Two"

Another absolute delight.

I will likely cease leaving comments on this series if the remainder continue to follow this form. I don't believe I can give the other installments any praise or criticisms different from those I left for the first one.

To quickly recap that review for those who (likely) didn't see it: revelatory and stylish.

Unless one purposely seeks a more. . .active affair, this series ranks as a must-see.


i love this series. i wish real life could be as simple, trouble free and happy as this.


if you could draw a gorilla that good why not make rabbit and all that detailed?
Anyway strange and as said below it's calming to watch.

Not bad

keep up the good work and maybe you could make one with talking?


I think people are missing the point on this one. It's not just a flash, it's taking a stand against all of the violent submissions. At least, that's how I see it. Plus, it's just calming to watch. I mean, that's what every day is like for me, it's cool to look at myself in 3rd person sometimes.