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Reviews for "Extract"

Pretty good

I like the paiting, even though its just a prototype. N people hav been rating low cuz they think its subject isnt clear... of course it isnt, its a prototype, people!
Anyway, I think that the blank space on top doesnt fit with the penis. it makes it too bright n the top part is almost indistinguishable from the background.
The skull bothers me a little too. Its shape is right, but it could hav som more details, like the depth of the ocular cavity n it is a bit flat, as if it was smooth. N I presume that smoothness isnt the point of the paiting, is it? I'd add som scars. But thats only my opinion.

Overall, its a good paiting. Lookin forward to the complete project. Keep it up ;D

Barzona responds:

My scanner isn't all that great. The real drawing has a little more detail.


NOM NOM NOM im in ur machinez eeting ur dix.
Not doing much for me, sorry to say. Too much blank space, the skull's too flat and non-detailed to be scary, the architecture on the chair/guillotine is mediocre Gothic at best, and the subject matter is kinda... blah. The dick looks nice though. Sorry I can't offer any criticism more positive than that lol.

Barzona responds:

Naw, I appreciate it. You're right about it being kinda flat, but in my own defense I am only still learning. I have yet to get a full grip of my medium and my tools.

Good but

Its well done but do try to be original stylistically. You ripped off Geiger's "morbid-vaguely sexual-biomechanical" style. Which is an awesome style but at least give some nods in your summary.

Barzona responds:

I couldn't even touch Giger at his own game. It's true, though. He is a huge ispiration of mine for dark art. Silent Hill, too (of course they just took from Jacob's Ladder if you want to get technical). Those and many of my own real-life ispirations such as some of the environments I have to see everyday.

I REALLY like dark art. I create it with my own feelings. And I do try to keep a distance from the styles of others while still conveying the emotions I want to share. I like bio and mechanical, although I'm not a huge fan of drawing bio-mechanical. I like the two together, but not mixed.

I appreciate the criticism! It helps.


What the shit?

Quite stylish

I DO think it would be amazing if you sold a sculpture of this to some rich duche bag. It does give off the impression of holding a lot of different possibilities with its seeming circular style and the imprisonment and feasting upon of this white snake. Then you notice the three little veins... oh wait... ITS SEMEN YOU RICH BASTARD! Ahhh, the laughs that would ensue. Or maybe not? Maybe the rich bastard would be totally okay with that. After all it is art. Perhaps there is a much deeper meaning than I see? Alas, there usually is. Seriously though, this is the most abstractly awesome cock wrangler I've ever seen.