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Reviews for "i hate yuo myg0t"


the name sez it


it is really bad the only reason i give score to this at all is the nice school shooting also THIS is right the point politics in germany beging to take on and try do forbid every of those baaaad eeeeeviiiil "killergames". Just SUCKS

not so great...

in this one your animation skills were kinda mediocre =\ the second was average but still not so great... But i guess this was a good flash for 2003 :D


not cool in any way
if you think a school shooting is funny than you need counseling and a stright jacket

ummm ok?

i mean id give you kudos if this had some morale message to it, but you somehow intended this to represent myg0t in a good way when it in reality went the opposite way, not to mention just have that depressing ass ending with a school shooting. i mean, if you think thats funny or something, its really fucked up. btw your flash animation skills are ok but can use some improvement. especiallly the way the characters move. so with all that combined it pretty much makes this entry a blam imo, and just marginally. with a little tweaking to your intentions, morale, and animation, this would be a pretty good flash. so anyways 0/5