Reviews for "The Longing Inside"

great song. very original. try to add some lyrics

nice song. its very origanal and it keeps
a steady beat. i would love to see some1 actually play that song at a concert. ur music rocks!

BazookaZombie responds:

wow thanks. positive feedback is always appreciated. yeah, i liked the 3/4 beat, it was fun to mess around with. the whole track was just really fun to make. i did this instead of my paper for class. i couldn't help it.

very nice

very nice indeed. i like your originality nice work

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks! i'm workin on some new ones too. they'll take a while though.


nice melody, nice rhythm, nice guitar playing, nice tone... cool dude ^^

Thanks for your vote, InYourDreams! You voted 5 for The Longing Inside, raising its score from 4.60 to 4.67.

BazookaZombie responds:

wow, thanks alot man. appreciate it.
thanks for the vote too.


Of course, I love the acoustic opening on this. Vaguely reminded me of Pink Floyd, which is cool.

Everything was put together really well, and the song had a great feel to it as well. Nice tune dude.
Kicked ass actually. Too bad it got shit on. Congrats on #2 on the A-bot list as well! It's good to see heavy metal up there in a couple places.

Again great shit,dude!!

Thanks for your vote, Bad-Man-Incorporated! You voted 5 for The Longing Inside, raising its score from 4.00 to 4.11.

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks for the review and vote man, i always appreciate it.

and no way. holy crap! i made A-bots weekly picks? #2!?!?! holy crap wow. thats so awesome. i actually didn't even know till you told me. awesome. i never expected i'd be on there.

Your not the first ...

But this song is not in 3/4 but in 6/8 ... ^^ The drums are a lil wreid but great song none the less !
Keep it up.

BazookaZombie responds:

yeah yeah, i know it is theoretically different, but its technically the same time signature.

thanks for listening.