Reviews for "The Longing Inside"

very nice

very nice indeed. i like your originality nice work

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks! i'm workin on some new ones too. they'll take a while though.

Great Song

Sorry it took me so long to look at your music, better late then then never right? Well, the intro reminded me a lot of something that I'd hear from Opeth, just a little less evil sounding, but it'd be hard to top them anyways. I really like the build up the song has, it's not too fast or too slow of a build up, it's just right. I also like how it goes back to soft in the end, sounds real nice. Some very nice solo work in there as well, as someone else said, I as well could imagine hearing someone perform this live, great song man, hope to hear more from you.

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks a lot. and no problem, late review is better than no review. i had a lot of fun playing the leads for this one. i'd say about 80% improvised. i just knew ehre certain changes in the song occured and planned what to play at the changed for smoother transitions.
thanks for the review man, and i should have a new one up within a week or two. maybe i'll drop by your page when its up. its currently lacking a second lead track, a bass line, and eq-ing.


nice melody, nice rhythm, nice guitar playing, nice tone... cool dude ^^

Thanks for your vote, InYourDreams! You voted 5 for The Longing Inside, raising its score from 4.60 to 4.67.

BazookaZombie responds:

wow, thanks alot man. appreciate it.
thanks for the vote too.


Of course, I love the acoustic opening on this. Vaguely reminded me of Pink Floyd, which is cool.

Everything was put together really well, and the song had a great feel to it as well. Nice tune dude.
Kicked ass actually. Too bad it got shit on. Congrats on #2 on the A-bot list as well! It's good to see heavy metal up there in a couple places.

Again great shit,dude!!

Thanks for your vote, Bad-Man-Incorporated! You voted 5 for The Longing Inside, raising its score from 4.00 to 4.11.

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks for the review and vote man, i always appreciate it.

and no way. holy crap! i made A-bots weekly picks? #2!?!?! holy crap wow. thats so awesome. i actually didn't even know till you told me. awesome. i never expected i'd be on there.

Wow, awesome!

This is fucking cool! The intro is awesome.
I'm fucking totally impressed with your new sound mate! This is totally fucking excellent!

What are you using to record?

BazookaZombie responds:

i used garage band, built in program with my new mac. all the effects were built right into the computer. all i did was plug my guitar into the computer itself and play, no interface at all.

though on the next project i'm trying to record with the built in mic, just to switch it up and see what people like better. all my projects are really just experiemnting with new tecniques i learn in lessons, or new recording tricks i'm working on.

thanks for rockin review the man, appreciate it.