Reviews for "The Longing Inside"

Great Song

Sorry it took me so long to look at your music, better late then then never right? Well, the intro reminded me a lot of something that I'd hear from Opeth, just a little less evil sounding, but it'd be hard to top them anyways. I really like the build up the song has, it's not too fast or too slow of a build up, it's just right. I also like how it goes back to soft in the end, sounds real nice. Some very nice solo work in there as well, as someone else said, I as well could imagine hearing someone perform this live, great song man, hope to hear more from you.

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks a lot. and no problem, late review is better than no review. i had a lot of fun playing the leads for this one. i'd say about 80% improvised. i just knew ehre certain changes in the song occured and planned what to play at the changed for smoother transitions.
thanks for the review man, and i should have a new one up within a week or two. maybe i'll drop by your page when its up. its currently lacking a second lead track, a bass line, and eq-ing.

very nice

very nice indeed. i like your originality nice work

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks! i'm workin on some new ones too. they'll take a while though.

great song. very original. try to add some lyrics

nice song. its very origanal and it keeps
a steady beat. i would love to see some1 actually play that song at a concert. ur music rocks!

BazookaZombie responds:

wow thanks. positive feedback is always appreciated. yeah, i liked the 3/4 beat, it was fun to mess around with. the whole track was just really fun to make. i did this instead of my paper for class. i couldn't help it.