Reviews for "The Longing Inside"

sounds pretty nice

good work on this man, drums sounded fine to me.


Your not the first ...

But this song is not in 3/4 but in 6/8 ... ^^ The drums are a lil wreid but great song none the less !
Keep it up.

BazookaZombie responds:

yeah yeah, i know it is theoretically different, but its technically the same time signature.

thanks for listening.


I really like the intro, it sounds very melancholic AND happy at the same time. Strange.

Sometimes I had the feeling that the drums and the guitars wheren't in time with each other, but maybe it was just my PC (or my ears) messing things up.
In any case, when the electric guitar plays the solo the timing is all right.

The outro is nice too, with the acoustic guitar playing something other than just the main riff.

BazookaZombie responds:

yeah, there's a good chance the timing is slightly off with the drums. reason being is i don't have any 3/4 time drum patterns. (SUCKS). so i had to record the whole the whole thing blindly without drums. then send the file over to a friend who played the drums with a keyboard/midi station.


Its got alot of feeling in it man...thats great! Play your heart out man, dont be a tone chaser. Play what you feel, man.
The guitars were solid, dude. Of course, it could use a little touching up, but all that takes is practice. Keep playin dude!

BazookaZombie responds:

thanks alot.

yeah, i just made a basic a rhythm track and played what i felt, it came naturally.

though at this point its a little old, and i have better recording equipment, maybe i'll redo it sometime and shred up the lead track a bit more with a little more of a raw tone. this one's really reverb-y


I love the mix of electric and acoustic guitars in this song. Write some lyrics for this.

BazookaZombie responds:

never really considered making this a lyrical piece. the point was really to vent my feelings by playing guitar. i guess it could work though. maybe...