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Reviews for "-First Steps- [Hyperstacks OST]"

Golden work! How always, amazing style!
I have one word - 1:08 and 3:11.

i want to know what game id love to check it out!

I think this is the highest rating Ive ever given you and you deserve it, this one is definitely your best work IMO. Its really hard to find any faults really, the only one I really notice is that the bass doesn't stand out too much and struggles in some sections. Particularly at 1:09 and again at 3:12 when the section is repeated.

Melodies are improving, so a plus there :) keep it up!

Love the ever-changing atmosphere, that somehow still feels very together! Really like the snare this time, really fits I think! My favourite part is when the piano starts coming in at 1:36. Also the arp at 2:03. Keep it up man =D

PredatorMusic responds:

Thanks for the review man! Appreciate it :D