Reviews for "Holy Grail: Remix"

Monty Python and the Holy Rap?

Gotta love the Monty Python & the Holy Grale remix....... what is the world coming too when we make a rap of monty python

i dunno...

...but i loved this. THe soundtrack is really cool. The drawing as well. But what stands out is the idea . THough animation is simple as well as relinking to ur site is illegal i still like this. anyway is the song avaible to download?

Gusto responds:

the song took me over 2 months to find lol.. its part of one of kid koalas remixes


Good job. That's it. Oh yeah, one other thing:

LONG LIVE MONTY PYTHON!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Gusto responds:



That remix was great! Good job!

Not much of a movie though, Did you draw that WWII figure? Because it looked good.

I gave you a 4. GOod work.


i expected more but it was cool, nice sound. ive never seen a flash quite like it. good

Gusto responds:

thanks ;)