Reviews for "Holy Grail: Remix"

Kick @55

where do I get the MP3?

Gusto responds:

search for some of Kidkoalas longer mixes, its in one of em :P

niiiice! that own3d!

i love that movie! and i love that song! awesome remix man! I'm starting to really enjoy your works! later!

Gusto responds:

awesome :D just watch out and try to avoid anything with the word toast in it haha, that was my period of insanity ;p actually most of my work is rather silly! haha


I don't get y it's a WWII American soldier, but I luv it, not complainin about soldier, just wundrin wut gave u the idea.


Nice work of drawing and nice way you made it look like he really was scratching

Gusto responds:

thanks mate :) coulda done better


Nice graphics, could use a little more animations, but the song just made the flash. I couldn't find this song anywhere on kazaa..whats the title?