Reviews for "Holy Grail: Remix"


I don't get y it's a WWII American soldier, but I luv it, not complainin about soldier, just wundrin wut gave u the idea.

Beat me to it.

not the soilder part but other wise. ya pretty much the same..


Your father was a hampster! Anyway, it seriously needed to be longer, that beat was phat ass!!!! damn :\ you make me want like a 2 minute version loop style.

Gusto responds:

at one point i actually started to make a remake.. and then realized i have very poor drawing skills! bue!


World War 2, a DJ, and the holy grail! brilliance!

Gusto responds:



Not saying it's good, not saying it's bad. I liked the animation and the song but it was a bit pointless. definately needs some more.

Gusto responds: