Reviews for "Holy Grail: Remix"


i expected more but it was cool, nice sound. ive never seen a flash quite like it. good

Gusto responds:

thanks ;)


Good job. That's it. Oh yeah, one other thing:

LONG LIVE MONTY PYTHON!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Gusto responds:


((( NICE )))

Ok well it was good, i like the dude he had style and was made well, could have had some flashing stuff for abit more style, and the re-mix was decent aswell, keep up the work...


Gusto responds:

thank you.

Good Music, but boring...

The graphics were nice, as was the music, but the movie was more or less bland. I think if there was more movement to the piece, it'd make the movie better.

Gusto responds:

yeah nothing really happened :\


alright. it was pretty boring. i mean, the music was cool and the art was cool, but it was too short and all the guy did was move his arms.

Gusto responds:

yeah.. it was one of my first flashes :p made it for the Polish day of defeat HL scene