Reviews for "-Running From Demons-"

Makes me think of that one area in Little Nightmares where you have to run around all those pig people in the restaurant. A slow build up of urgency with a dance beat that has a fantastic finish. An all around great track

Well, I gotta say, this isn't quite what I was expecting (not sure what I was expecting tho, TBH), but it still turned out amazing anyway!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! :D

Anybody read The Eric by Terry Pratchet?

Very nice Waterflame-styled track here, i really enjoy the voices and the music really fitting for that theme.
The buildup at the second half makes the drop feel more intense.
Really nice additions to your tracks, Congrats, Water!

I'm not a fan of the "spooky music" genre usually, but you did pretty well for it! I mean, not that I'd expect any less from you, hehe. Keep up the great work, bro!