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Reviews for "Black Mage Vs Red Mage"



Slightly better than Fighter vs. BM...slightly

Ignoring the fact that you obviously don't know your D&D terms, this wasn't much of an improvement. Still, an improvement. At least your later Garland one had some depth to it.


even if he was fake, BM IS KING!

that was great

oh yeah on the black mage one. red mage never really died. it was a fake for the one bfore who said that. and for people who don't know. when red mage gets blast by black mage. press his body and it wills how red mage alive


well... I guess it wasn't bad, the initial black mage victory was quite boring and lacked any humour. The "red mage victory" that ended up being yet another black mage victory was a little more amusing, I liked the part where the fighter made a fool out of himself and then when the red mage was carried off by a swarm of tiny imps. Not bad.