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Reviews for "Black Mage Vs Red Mage"


you really should consider making more 8-bit theater movies.

review #100 awsome!!!!!

this is a classic example ofthe need for another 8 bit becuse your odviosly getting bored but the movie was well made and randomover all great movie

Yay Black Mage!

i like it when black mage wins, although when you click him to win and then click red mage's half-body, it shows he kidna didnt :P but who cares about the specifics! black mage rules XD


very funny, i found another easter egg, click on the "vs" inbetween red mage and black mage and something funny will happen, great job meddros as usual


I found an egg!When you click on the dead Red Mage if you want BM to win...well,click it!