Reviews for "R.E.M. III"

Flippin sick?!?!

Okay i am the 45 downloader and i feel special

Another one of Dimrain's sick diamond track

i <3 uuu


I get to review the platinum and diamond guy. Already high expectations. What does R.E.M. stand for? Well it is fast. Reminds me of "blaze" from you know who on NG. Both are high bpm. I like the guitar part. All these sounds remind me of video game music. I have to agree with "my garbage" that it does seem to loop. However I can tell lots of effort was put into this song. This song has its diverse moments so kudos on doing that for trance. Transitions seem to work quite well. What music program do you use? I don't know how you and all the other guys who make really fast songs can play the keyboard that fast. You got quick hands (unless you turned the tempo down --> played the notes --> sped up the tempo) Can the platinum/diamond sir spare time to rev. my song (well for negrounders to be more exact) "CELEBRATING NEWGROUNDS YAH!" song plz. Need feedback by a guy whole owns the techno section on NG.


Your fingers must be really tired from playing those triplets over and over again. I like classical parts of song. Not much of the triplet part because used too many times. Annoying sometimes. Video game song. When does this song end? Loopy. Much better than me though. See yah

nice song

this is a clasic man! i love it powerful and has a lot to say and you used some slayer! Nice! i hope you check out some of my stuff ^_^ keep up the good work.