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Reviews for "Three Dimensional"

Oh wow, this piece really gets going at 0:27, doesn't it! That's awesome :O
The calmer section that comes afterwards is cool too, as is the rest of the composition. Seems you've been on something of a roll lately!! Keep on making neat stuff like this :3

P.S. I've noticed your waveforms always end up looking really interesting :'D (This one looks a bit like an arrow or something like that, for instance).

larrynachos responds:

Trying to add more ups and downs so my songs have more tension. I'm a big fan of the second drop in this song haha, it kinda catches me off guard in a satisfying way.

Sometimes I feel like my waveforms are either a brick of sound or just easily predictable. They sure have been looking strange recently huh?

Thanks as always for the review! Never fails to make my day better :)