Reviews for "metroid prime 2 echoes title"


The original was much better, I didn't really like this a whole lot cause of the high-pitched squeely noises... If I heard this before the original I'd never guess this was based off a metroid game.


an outstanding quality of the metroid prime series has been its awesome music setting the mood of the game, good job capturing that mood!!

I agree with SBP500

He isn't being mean, don't complain that this is only your 7th song and that you have nothing to work with. You post on Newgrounds and you should expect people to review you in a serious manner without cutting you slack.

The original was better, but this one does sound more unique, I'll give you that. 6/10 (which is 1 point above OK by my standards). 3/5. That's good, so don't complain.

This is Fuckin Awesome!

Make MOAR!
I love this remix, and its only your 7th song?
5/5 + Download + 10/10 = What you are getting!


Nice work man, but if you work on it a little more with better soundFX inputs i believe you can do sh*t loads better, but again nice work anyway!

- Oh and to the guy below me (SBP500) dude of course it dosent sound THAT good! he dosent exactly have the best audio sh*t to work with, but he did a good job with what he has, so exuse you ASSSSSSHHHOOOOOOLLLLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!