Reviews for "metroid prime 2 echoes title"

Preety sweet!

This is awesome! And for the people who think it isn't "metroidy" enough, this is basically how it sounds like it Metroid Prime 2, just remixed.

Very nice

This was quite the tripped out remix to the Metroid Prime 2 theme,i loved the starlight feel in the music and the quality was great,overall you did a nice job on this remix.


I think the tones were a little too high and I agree with some of the former reviewers that it didn't sound much like a Metroid Prime song. Also, I'm not sure how close you stuck to the original but it didn't feel like the several parts of this song blended together all that well.

Still it wasn't bad. I've heard worse and it was a good attempt.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5.



Speedfire493 is right.It just doesnt have that Metroid Feeling.
It just doesnt have those creepy,ominous sounds like normal...

Some parts are realy good..

.. but i miss this Metroid Feeling .. its just not there...

Like the Drum part .. its sounds prety monotone and Empty ..