Reviews for "Blue Java Cafe"

Reminds me

Feels like I'm in one of the Ocean's Series, very smooth and rythmic. Not too slow or fast.


Very good! Make me feel like
A) I'm having a coffee in Spain.
B)Roaming around an empty city at night.


I feel as if I'm in a cafe' drinking a smooth and creamy long black...

You have some great musos playing with you, an awesome piece, loose the muddiness, and it's perfection.

P.S. Thanks for the cords, lol.



nice groove. had 2 turn it up a little, but its great. maybe u could get a piano or trumpet in there2, as xtra rythm. keep it up!

A breath of fresh air

It's a shame that the majority of the music on this site isn't what you have hear. It's good to break away from constant techno and whatnot to hear some actual music. Anyway, the song is a good background piece, I especially like the rhythm of the guitar. My only problem with this is the muddy recording, but hey, that's not really your fault to begin with, so don't fret about it. Anyway keep it up!