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Reviews for "Black Mage vs Fighter"


This is a nice little tribute to the best character of 8 Bit.... Black Mage. I read some of the other reviews. For those who gave it a bad review, please keep in mind that this was probably just a fun little thing that the creator made. Not really meant to have a story line or anything. Just a little something for humor. That's how I saw it, and in that sense, I love it. Only suggestion I have is maybe a background or two.

Also... how about you try reading the review ettiquette. Constructive criticism. Quit being total fucking assholes. You give the rest of us decent assholes a bad rep.

well played

Decaf_dragon015, not everyone is looking for a final fantasy movie to jack off to. this isnt meant to be serious, and if you think it is then go make your own. if you can't, then keep your blams to yourself. in any case, good movie.


...i hate you...fighter idle me like swords

very funny

guy before me, he says in the summery it took him five hours to make, which is very short for someone to make a movie like this, how about instead of just complainning you put out something cunstructive


I'll put this simple. Other people may think that this is cute or funny, but I don't see why anyone would put higher than a four on this, overall. The music was the only part I liked. I'll list the things I don't like.

For one, it was from a geek's perspective. "Don't be gay, Blackmage always wins." Heh...okay then, don't need that.

Second, where is the fight? Normally, before I get to chose who fucks up the other, I get to see a fairly even fight at the beginning.

Third, the graphics look like they were done in ten minutes. Too rushed and very poor. Take your sweet little time. No one is going anywhere on the internet.

Bottom line: Stick to the story, it was cute...until it loaded.