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Reviews for "Black Mage vs Fighter"


why you ever let win black mage??????????

hmm.... um. what?

this one was a little bland, i mean it was cool but really shoert, just two short movies with talk bubbles, sprites, and then clolorful blasts? coulda been a little better. I hope you said this was your first movie, it was good, animation wise, but not to appealing, but it was cool :)

One of the best I've ever seen

This video is very interesting. I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy series.

I like the button gag the best.



these are great! i went to your website to see if you have more up there then you do on NG, but i couldnt find them... can i have a hint :D

Black mages are teh cool!

i'm gonna be a black mage tommorw,as ill get FF?(meaning i dunno wich part yet)ill post a team in your honours of 8-bit theathre-ness(fighter(dead for black mages honour) black mage, red mage with all of his pumped skills and thief)
I really like this movie,and all your work,too!mostly 'cuz i like FF