Reviews for "Leon Kennedy"

My boy Leon, looking good in your style!

Leon.You got a little blood on your face.

GiRL this is beautiful! I love his hair texture! And the reflective light is really well executed. Great job!

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that...whomever threw that tomato instantly regretted it with every fiber of their being.


I don't mean to offend- but it's actually a wonderful breath of fresh air, as contrast, to see a piece from you that isn't based off a cotton candy/extremely colorful palette. It exemplifying your abilities and understanding as an artist in a way that only relies, effectively, on grayscale and red, while demonstrating depth and focus marvelously. It shows what you're capable of more than I've been able to ascertain from your other pieces.

Perhaps it's my failing as someone that is limited in their ability to appreciate the works of artists... But I stand by my words. This is simply sublime.

Fun fact: I don't give a shit about Leon or RE.

Keep at it. Hope to see more!