Reviews for "Mourning My Memories"

Damn, those notes at the end. You are a king.
I really enjoyed this track a lot. I always think it's a bold move when somebody submits a solo instrument piece towards these competitions as every single note is so exposed but done well, they really pay off. I think this fits into that category perfectly. This piece certainly doesn't cater to the typical - it took me on a very pleasant journey with all of its different dynamics and varying sections. Probably one of my favourite of your compositions thus far.

Good luck in the NGADM :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I've got to admit, I may not have played all of that perfectly, without any editing :'D
I can play it quite well though!

I was contemplating making something else than a solo piano track, but after writing this piece, I felt I'd just end up hiding all the intricate elements of the piece by adding things on top of it. This is actally my first solo piano piece in any NGADM though! :O
Thank you for all the nice words <3

Good luck to you as well!!
This is one hell of a round o.O

Superb! I like this a lot. Kind of reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu. I almost wish that ending note would of been held a moment longer though. Everything sounds great, such a warm sounding piano and the piece flows really well. Great work!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad you like it! Nobuo Uematsu is certainly one of my inspirations :)
That said, this piece is also quite inspired by Yoko Shimomura!
Funny thing is, the ending note was longer at first, but I liked it better when it was short and to the point, like it is now. Thank you for the review, and ofc, for listening!

This is really unorthodox, when I read the title I was expeting something like a mournful and dark song. What I get is a song that explores a much different feeling. It is something that I can relate to, an emotion I've felt before. But at the same time it is so specific that I don't know what it is.

To be able to capture such an specific feel and turn it into music is really an amazing feat, I am (as I usually get when listening to your music) amazed.

It is not something common now, to see someone that can play a piano and make it feel so solid. To take a single instrument and play something that one could genuinely say it's a complete song is a rare skill. You choose to do so in a hard instrument, one that is infamous for being played solo, but in which is hard to do so. This song is great, played by a great musician.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Wow, thanks for writing such a thoughtful review! It's really the greatest compliment to hear that my music can express such complex feelings to someone.

Composing on the piano has always felt natural to me. It's kind of like a blank canvas, since it allows for a lot of freedom. That said, I've also noticed my compositional skills improving over time. I think once an instrument becomes an extension of one's self (similarly to technology, like phones), one is able to compose and play on it in ever more impactful ways.

Creating music on the computer is nice too, but one risks losing the "performance" element. Thanks again for listening!!!

I listened to this in the background while doing some work and it helped me get into flow! I still managed to pay attention to the song, and I enjoyed it a lot. I listened to it analytically some days ago, and oddly, I think I appreciated it more when I listened to it as background music. The intro is my favorite part :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I think most solo piano music lends itself well towards being listened to in the background :)
I personally don't tend to enjoy analysing music too much in real-time. Even when not listening to the music in the background, I prefer allowing it to take me to a new world, where it describes a setting, feelings, or even a story ^___^
Thank you for your review!

I've been meaning to scribble a review to this. Love the technicality, tonal change ups, and rhythmic fondue. I got pregnant at 4:36.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Aww, why thank you! I definitely played around with this one, and had quite fun doing it :3