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Reviews for "Locked Up"


i like it. its laaaazzzzzyy music and it sounds really relaxing and cool but 00:12 is when the music starts to get slightly more upbeat. also, i agree with Anonymous-Frog. near the end u can hear those little twinkling plucking notes that u hear in the Dead Body Reported jingle (Anonymous-Frog's comment is down below🙂)

Oi you! You're free to go!

Hehehe... Not really. But you've got a package!
...Don't get your hopes up! We've already checked it for anything useful... Right Dave?
Ye- Yeah, of course I checked it! I mean, if i didn't check it I would lose my job and I don't wanna lose my job! hehe..he.
See ya' round!
free to go... hehe. thought that was a pretty good joke.

I think I hear the same instruments in the 'Dead Body Found' theme.

Oi, you! You're free to go. (Laughs) Not really. But you got a package. Don't get your hopes up. We've already checked it for anything useful. Haven't we, Dave?