Reviews for "Allowed to Dream Reality"

When I listen to music like this I feel like going back to composing and playing. I keep listening and I imagine your composing process. Reminds me of quiet afternoons, starting off with A small idea and improvising for hours, letting myself sift in the sound of my own music, then after just picking the best parts. (I guess I just gave you confirmation of your good work: you got me all mellow and nostalgic there).

This composition is really good, it is indeed quite expressive, it conveys some emotion and it flows through some different moods. I think that perhaps a tense moment could have worked well with said flow, but it wasn't necessary, without it the song got mellow and relaxing.

These were some interesting scales and chord progressions you choosed, they don't feel either happy or sad, more like a water paint between them. Some notes seemed to have fallen out of harmony, but I had the sensation that it was intentional.

Overall it is a very good work that was done here, this song has it's way to bring me some memories.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

It's always nice to hear whenever my music manages to inspire someone, if even a little. Thank you for that!
My composing process differes between different pieces, but you definitely laid the process for this one out quite accurately :D!!

I generally try to convey emotions, atmospheres or other similar things through most of my music. For this one, I wanted to do something that sounds very different, but is still easily digestable for the listener. I didn't want any type of climax or added tensity in this one indeed. It's supposed to reflect a continuous, almost dreamlike mindset :)

The chords I chose are indeed somewhere between happy and sad. I think of it as almost a happy kind of confusion, where you don't really know exactly to think. Kind of like when something so surprising happens, you don't even know whether you're still in reality.

Thank you for this very uplifting review :D!!!

Nice as always (^3^♪

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you very much :333!!!