Reviews for "I consume, Jon. It's what I do."

Again amazing.

I remember the Zalgo meme back in the early 2000s and how garfield edits were the most prominent of all it's supposed horror imagery...

How fitting.

Man, that's horrifying. I know you weren't the first to do creepy Garfield, but damn, do I love this. I mean, the design is badass and terrifying, I love the bug-like claw legs on his body, especially at the mouth. Oh, and Jon's helpless silhouetted figure, purposefully left undetailed to emphasize the cosmic horror of Garfield. That text, too. Nost spooky stuff I see isn't relaly tat spooky, but if this were a full comic, it would be fucking terrifying. Keep it up, man! This is gorgeous, and I think I like it better than those first creepy Garfields.

Okay NOW I want to see this comes to life

Those arts remember me the Submachine game series...