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Reviews for "tiger"

Damn, all on one layer!? Nice!

I'm really digging the orange with blue details. I'm also impressed with how the shading in the stripes and highlights of the fur against the moon create the illusion of fur. The only thing keeping it from being a perfect 10 from me is the claws being cut off by the border. It's cool for the tiger to dominate the picture, but you laid out some pretty interesting details in both the tiger and the clouds, and I think it would've given the entire artwork more justice if you got to see the entire tiger instead of just most of it.

Keep up the good work, despite the business!

lenkalamari responds:

thanks. its funny you mentioned the claws, you could see the entire tiger at one point before i cropped it about halfway through painting

Nice work

Oh no, its Tony the Tiger on a rampage... er wait... never mind...

Nice work on it.


very exotic and detailed!
and...wait is...is it comin throu- O SHIT!

good work my coffee crazzed friend =O ( jk bout the crazyness lol )


lenkalamari responds:

if it werent for coffee i'd have never gotten this done