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Reviews for "Almost Serious Suicide : Foamy The Squirrel"

Just not all that funny or entertaining.

Could have been improved with something other than a little squirrel jabberring his head off :/


well lets see here, where to begin...the breathing affect ws a nice touch, somethign a lot of people forget...but i just didnt like it man...sorry

another squirrel ep..

i dont know what to give you high scores for..wasnt funny, the voice was annoying..the theme wasnt that good..i dunno

That wasn't too cool man

Seriously, that wasn't very cool at all. Overall you could say the film was decent in graphical quality but it contained several HUGE errors.

a) When the girl inhales her entire upper body swells up. Scary.

b) There is a part when foamy turns around. You made no effort to hide this and since he's 2d he appears as flat as paper. This ruins the already shaky illusion of reality.

c) The film contained very little animation overall, apart from a couple of tweens and foamy popping around sporadically, which to me didn't seem like it would be too difficult to animate.

d) Most of foamy's speech was incoherent (to me anyway) and his song didn't make me laugh.

Overall i'd say this was a sub-par mockery of the concept of suicide, but I guess this is just one dissent in the midst of all your praise. :)