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Reviews for "Almost Serious Suicide : Foamy The Squirrel"


Good graphics but it wasnt funny, I liked the chick. Should of had her shooting the squirrel in the end.

not very funny

the squirrel wasn't very funny the first time it made an appearance. This movie needs work. This film makes you expect to see blood and brain matter but the lack of makes this films a big let down.


well i just dont get these movies. Its a little squirrel talking fast, i dont get it. Im not trying to be a smart ass but can someone please tell me why everyone likes these cartoons?

neurotic, yet strangely catchy.

it has a certain charm all it's own.

That was some retarded shit.

Umm.. So your increased the speed of your voice to make a sock sing to some semi cute goth chick, and nothing actually happens?? Okay, dude, I'm convinced, that you can draw, and maybe perhaps sing, but you have problems..