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Reviews for "Almost Serious Suicide : Foamy The Squirrel"

that was funny

thats funny that thing was beging her to pull the trigger

More psycotic crap from Foamy... Rejoice with me!

I absolutely LOVE the "Neuroticaly Yours" series and had been tipped off about the one episode I had missed being here on NG. I nearly fall off my chair while watching Foamy's antics, this was no exception. If you like this you should check out the rest at their main page if you haven't yet. All hail our lord and master, Foamy!

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wow, i cant beleive i missed this series some how. i dont understand why some people dont think there that funny. but i just have a question who does the voice of foamy? or is it a software program? cause thats that funny as hell listening to people talk when they're on speed ahhaha.

Really funny. Foamy can sing about anything.

What was that gunshot at the end?

holy sh** dude

dude you r the fuckin greatest flash maker i seen on this site nd foamy is the greatest who woulda guess a song but killin your self that is pure genius just like when ppl say thats pure 100% cocain thats u your the coke man keep makin these cause these are fucking hilarious "so just the trigger no 1 would figure wit yo haed on the walls ba doom ba doom boom boom boom pa cha cha cha cha boom boom"hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dont stop man u nd foamy r my lord nd masters yea boi