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Reviews for "Almost Serious Suicide : Foamy The Squirrel"

Great man!!

I laughed so hard I almost cried!! That was so funny! Jhonen Vasquez style art RULES! That squirl thing is pretty funny. But... I imagind things ending differently...


I love these! there awsome

Lets all singalong!

You know you want to - pull the trigger
It's all to heck no hum, Go boom!
Which head on the wall, dadumdumdumdum.
And your brains on the floor, dadumdumdumdum.
When your head go boom, go boom, dadumdumdumdum ts ts..
Just pull the trigger, move your finger.
Is that suicide? Whats with you? So go boom! Boom boom boom!

Foamy the Squirrel - Go boom!


dude that was awsome. that foamy is helarious
nice song too

Kick ass movie

kick ass movie keep them coming