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Reviews for "Almost Serious Suicide : Foamy The Squirrel"

Can I call you Jim? Anyway, it's great to see Foamy's first appearance. I wish I knew how he got his name. I really do appreciate the first talking in the entire series. Neither of these people have been named yet. I guess everyone was thinking that.

You really have been improving with the animation. Well, I guess it's just because it's that old. It looks a lot like Jhonen Vasquez. It's certainly wacky enough. Germaine's slight movements are actually pretty good.

Will's song should be an audio track. Also, the song is catchy.


Got to be the best one of these. The jaunty song and the squirrelly bouncing and bopping give it an element of hilarity that transcends most other comedic efforts. Foamy is among the cutest characters ever, a close second being Stimpy the Cat.

funny... i was waiting for the girl to do it.