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Reviews for "Almost Serious Suicide : Foamy The Squirrel"

Ay C that light bulb right dare purpleen girl?

that was nuts nuts nuts!

It's FOAMY! It's a classic between the classics!

this was not great. sure, bringing the same character back from Coffee Shop or Gas-E-Pop, maybe your dream woman or some figure you dreampt up to create a series, like a life-and-times chronicle of a deranged purple-haired diva and her imaginary madness companion; yet why am i watching? there's not a lot of potential in these one-sided monologues of a teenage crazed. again, I'd recommend finding a way to express these ideas in narratives, experimental, and sound-design, as from Coffee Shop. changed from 1.5-2 due to the squirrel's tempting her is well done. also the squirrel dialogue in the first half of his speech is much more well done than Squirrel Talk.

For the very first episode of this series, it sure as Hell has plenty of darkly comic hilarity in it mainly because of Foamy. Great job!