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Reviews for "Almost Serious Suicide : Foamy The Squirrel"


Totally hilarious. I loved the song Foamy does. Keep up the great work.

hahaha I loved that

that was sooo funny, and I really wanted to strangle that damn cat

with your brains on the floor...!

Very catchy tune! It'll be stuck in my head all day, hope no-one hears me singing it at work, or I'll have to schedule one of those mental eval's! eeeeeeek! It's a keeeper!


its funny, though a bit annoying if you watch it 500+ times, all in all, another great movie. I think *you* should see you, you might just like it!

Foamy is Kick ASS!!

Foamy is Kick ASS!! You must watch it you know you want to...pull the trigger so your head can go BOOM!...