Reviews for "ALESDA! - Wake Up"

Good Luck In The Finals. Wish you the best ALESDA!

AleXizGD responds:

thx <3!!

I got an eargasm. Really.
That was good.

Amazing Work Alesda your work never fails to impress me. To me it feels like all of your songs make me peaceful and calm. I love your work and you have a real talent and I love your music. Also I would like this song way better if it had more buildup but that doesn't take away much from this amazing music. Keep up the good work my friend <3

I like the pensive mood at the beginning. Has an atmospheric flair too. The guitar riff at :15 is really smooth and satisfying. The percussion at :27 is creative. Not sure I liked the instrument that functions like a snare there. It sounded a bit flat and strangely eerie, which doesn’t really fit the character of the rest of the piece. Overall, the blissful mood is really great, though. Nice sense of climax into 1:06. Sidechaining is really heavy, but I can still trace out the form of the melody during the refrain. Nice job with the structural relief provided at 2:00 and the subsequent transition back into the more climactic part 20 seconds later. I also really enjoyed the filtering work at 2:40. The details here are what’s really admirable, though. The fun rhythmic elements and electronic effects during the melodic sections add just enough variety to keep me engaged throughout, even though the emotional heights last a really long time in this piece. Nice job with the emotional appeal of the outro, too. The vocal samples are used really well here, and the bright piano at the very end was a fitting way of concluding the piece. Overall, this is a very enjoyable piece. Only things I docked you for were the overuse of compression, a couple of sound design details I didn’t like, and some generic aspects of the arrangement. All of these are really minor things, though. Great work, Alesda! ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Intro really does sound like freshly waking up. Watch for boxy low mids when your piano comes in. I think I hear a hint of overdrive but I don't trust my monitors right now; had to reinstall audio drivers.

I do hear a lot of sub in your mix, cutting off somewhere around 250 hz.

Overall, tasteful use of sidechain and some SFX. I do feel like your leads and pads may just be a bit much for your perc/sfx/bass to sustain. I may back off the sidechain a bit. Your chorus is a bit cluttered.

2:00 section is a nice clean bridge. 2:11 comes in just a bit too hard here. Back off those strings/perc/pads. Maybe even strip it down a little. It already feels just as intense as your chorus, when I can see you were backing off a bit here. I also think I hear a bit of distortion in... Is that ABPL down there? Slap a cab over top if it is and that may help. Something down there is extremely fizzy.

For reference, any time you use an amp sim like, say, Emissary (free), you want to use a cab sim like NadIR (also free) to emulate the traditional setup of amp and microphone rig to capture the amp sound. Some other amps like Dominator/Grind Machine do this for you, but it's not hard to find nice Mesa impulses to load cabs with. Also, don't feel bad -- I've accidentally dropped cabs before an amp and still been frontpaged; quality music transcends its flaws more often than not.

2:45, that perc sample stands out very hard in that particular arrangement. I would recommend shifting away from it or chopping it differently, as it's now gotten a bit stale -- and continues to the more I hear it, especially with brick-wall hard compression.

Outro was gorgeous. I'd like to hear a little more high end on that piano though. Sounds like the frequencies past 5k have been gradually rolled off.

Overall, solid piece, nice melodies -- mix is a bit over-compressed to my ears, and there were some hiccups with your SFX, but you come out the other side pretty solid. Nice work!

Thanks for coming out to NGUAC!