Reviews for "Comfort"


I always start most of my reviews with "I realy enjoyed that" But this calls for a 'Riiight'.
I think the stuff that comes from noise rover is very clever. They like to put demon's in odd situations. With 'the undead' we had the stone man and woman arguing and with this one we have the horned half man being shouted at by an angry women, in both movie's we are only shown part of their daily lives, we have to assume what else has been happening and that's what I really like. Anyway on to talking about what the flash looked and sounded like, the animation as ever is great (Although the woman keep throwing the same items from the bin, but I am nit picking) The Style is beautiful and odd at the same time, the plot was as above described clever, and thought provoking. All in all i reckon it gets a 4.


this movie...surprized me...i mean...i thaught she was gonna keep sayin nothing and he would shoot her or she would get hit with a giant paseball bat but...she killed him,...kool

Very good animation, but twisted

It was kind of well depressing and abstract as the review before me said. It reminded me of American Beauty. American Beauty was twisted but not that bad.
I took the sound down a tiny bit cause the "nothing!,nothing!,nothing!" was very annoying,lol.
Overall, again twisted but shines in its own way.

goat boy meet insane chick

goat boy meets insane chick

hehe cool, freaky

Kinda like a real family :D
yeah anyway