Reviews for "Comfort"


wow ... thats all i can say that was really amazing

the animation is amazing

it looks like the author used some kind of motion capture program on this flash because the movements are so realistic. although this movie didn't make much sense. the animation made it special. WOW!!! O_O


i dont know what your smoking, but after watching your movies on newgrounds. i want a pound of it Fed-ex'd to my door step right now!

Awsome job, they make no sense to me, but they are awsome.


i love your style and your obviously abstract mind,ur a genius as ive said before ^^

... this was masterful. I am a 31 year old woman who has nervous issues and can't work, so I live with my parents. We only have each other nad we love each other, but it's not good for usto be together. but there's nothing for us to do about it. So, again, this was masterful. My mom soudns like she is paranoid when she keeps telling the cops I'm trying to attack her when I'm bawling out of sheer terror, which upsets, confuses, and hurts me in a deep and horrible way, because I would never do that. My father yells so loud... but they never 'hit' me, so whenever I get so scared I hit at my father to get him away from me so I can breathe and calm down, she takes that as an excuse to pretend ot be scared of me, in my view, and call the cops. The cops don't believe me. nobody does.

So, yes. this was Masterful.

... today, I felt like I was in hell. haha.