Reviews for "Comfort"


Probably one of the best flashes on Newgrounds in my opinion. Keep up the good work.


I love it. Beautiful.

goat boy meet insane chick

goat boy meets insane chick

Too awesome for words

Man, i should really make a favorite author list sometime. Because if i would, your name would be right on top there with a handful of others i really respect on this site.

What an awe-some animation. Iv seen all your other work also including your website and know now without a doubt that you are a real talent. Not only in animation, but also in painting and in the way you manage to tell stories.

All your animations are very surreal with the enormous attention to characters and emotions. I love that, it inspires me also. Whats so impressive is how you emphasise those qualities even more by not using any music or special effects. So incredibly pure and cool how you just let the art and voiceacting speak for itself. That still scene of the goat man sitting on the table with the lady (his mother?) just screaming 'nothing!' the entire time may be one of the best flashscenes i ever seen.

I think you rotroscoped the flash movies you uploaded on this website. I might be wrong, but i dont think it is possible to draw such fluent perfectly timed movement without the use of rotroscoping. Wether you did it by rotroscope or not, this thing still remains incredible.

What i also really love are the small details you put in your animations. I noticed when the mother was throwing the objects out of the closet she threw away the weirdest stuff. I even saw a small female flying. Brilliant, lol. I dont know if it has a meaning or not, but thats the wonderful thing about art. You dont have to justify every decision you make and can just let it open to interpretation. Unlike architecture, heh.

Anyway, its sad that you arent uploading your work here anymore. I bet you dont even visit this site or read these reviews. But this just had to be said. 'Comfort' is (together with the other two) one of the best serious animations on Newgrounds.


You astound me.

This comes out of left field, but it is brilliant. This is real art, just like your other work, The Undead. The placement of the fantastic in mundane situations is great and not just done for the sake of being odd. There is real purpose to this.

One little nit that bothered me while watching this, though, is that some of the actions are so repetitative they seem looped and probably are.