Reviews for "Comfort"

Pretty good.

Your film was pretty good was a little more bizzare than "The Undead" film you've created, and you should make a more stronger plot within this tale so we can understand your characters. Your characters are very intriguing some of them I've noticed are based of certain folk lores and mythological legends. The only thing I can further commentate is that you did a good job, you deserve a few good pats on the back for you.

Quite disturbing to watch...

Once again, you manage to boggle my mind on this one. The story on this was even stranger than the "Undead". But I liked it!

Nice job.


i love your style and your obviously abstract mind,ur a genius as ive said before ^^


it might sound strange when I say amazing but its true. Who in the hell makes this kind of stuf? Its so creative, i really admire how weirdly unique your work is, keep it up!!!!!!!!


That was....ok...but....NEVERMIND! IT WAS COOL.