Reviews for "Comfort"


This movie is original and has a good story, what many movies on Newgrounds today don't have. The animation and graphics were pretty good also. The voice acting was good, and the characters seemed real.

The only thing I noticed that wasn't as good was the emotion in their faces. When the lady was yelling, it didn't look like she was.

Great job overall.

Wow! This is a treasure hunt keeper!

Already added to my favorites! You really ha me waiting for more the whole time. And a lot was never explained, but I like that in this case. I get to make up the rest!

Will there be a sequel? Or would it only spoil this gem?

Anyway.. Wow, just wow.



that bitch is really crazy

Dreamlike, beautiful (in a way.)

Your work is uniformly dreamlike - not only in that it has mythological elements, but in that these elements interact with realistic elements in a way which speaks intimately about different aspects of life.

People seem to think these don't have a plot, but I believe they do, after a fashion... they are purposefully ambiguous in order to soak the viewer in the emotional, intuitive response to the work. It is disturbing because it is true, and the truth is both unpleasant and confusing, often in the same breath.

George - the Satyr. The eater. Fleshy parasite. Probably a past lover, a selfish one - everything about his hedonism is selfish. How could this have ended in anything but murder? But she's a destroyer, a critic, and can't save herself with this. The only act she has is her horrible destruction. Once it's over, once the bloodstains are on the table, she's left with exactly what she can't stand having - nothing.


The Animation has no Plot to it, but The Drawings is so Extraordinary, you Gave it a Very Great 3-D feel to it. That Lady must Have some Mental Problems, she Was Going Insane, and was Literally Stabbing the Guy to Death which was Disturbing to Watch.

Question, why Did the Folklore Looking guy take out Everything from The Kitchen? Certainly he Couldn't eat all That Food? It Would be More Interesting if you Put a Story Plot to all This, your Taste in Flash Making is the Most Unusual i've Ever seen. Great Job, I give you a Few Pats on The Back!