Reviews for "Comfort"


For it being made in 2003 i am really impressed with the animation and voice acting of the flash and the story wasn't too bad either it was just rather strange,still a great flash.

I remember seeing this years ago

This animation is one of several done by an artist that seems to excel at bringing out chilling feelings in very short flashes. He brings out very complex thoughts in a short amount of time, and this one I remember most of all.

Strange isn't it, that the woman stabs her problemitic "friend" George to solve her problem with him, yet is stricken by lonliness afterward, knowing that now there is no one to speak with anymore, no one to get angry at, no one to come see her. She killed the only thing she really had - and realized it too late...

That quick, convoluted presentation has stuck with me for a long time.

lol that was so funny

"im hungrey" lol u should make more

I really..

I really like the animation style. It's very fluid and is very well done.
The concept of this animation is great, and I would actually be very willing to sit at my computer and watch more of this.
Too bad I'm probably barking up the wrong tree considering this piece was done back in '03.
Anyway my rating for this is 10/10 and 5/5

Great job!

How very...uncomforting.

The buildup to the end was very unsettling and then...

the conclusion...

Strange...and ironically is the very exact opposite in which the title portrays. It reminds me of The Lady or the Tiger? But...without the ending, if it is an ending.

Chilling, to say the least.