Reviews for "Comfort"

absolutely brilliant

This was such a beautiful flash, with a great orignal storyline. Will there be more like it?

The devil made me do it.

Bizaare plot, but wonderfully articulated animation, and a style that belies its absurdity.


wow it's amazing! best flash i've seen, good graphics, good sound, good animation everything is cool! continue the good work! and how have been able to reduce size of the file so much?? and how do you do to get the people so realistic??

Shemale, what are you talking about!

Shemale, do you have some sort of mental retardation because I swear your review of this flash shows it. Noiserover did a great job. The graphics were clear and smooth, not to mention well drawn. The story made sence if you actually had some form of mental innteligence and took time to watch. I suggest tou take that attitude of yours and watch it again and try to possibly pay attention.


That was the worst flash i ever seen. It was soooo gay. The grapics were okish but the storyline and everything else was shite