Reviews for "Comfort"

Excellent, but for some repetetive scenes

The audio was great, except for distrotion on the last nothings, and her final outlet was repetetive. I'm pretty sure I'm misspelling that.


Nice Job... weird reviews though, some complain about length, some about plot, but hey, i like both the pacing and story. Keep it up!

it was odd

the story line was just not there, nice try

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i dunno, it just looked like shit to me. Honestly it was done really well, except for the plot and everything. It took way too long to get to the damn point.


that had super fluid animation, great graphics, and it was done beautifully. You have great skills, and this movie was awesome. I have no idea what it was all about... but damn, it was good. Why was it called "Scene 5" in the browser? Awesome...