Reviews for "Comfort"

very cool...for the most part

style is really slick
animation very nice...veeeerry nice
a little disturbing, but otherwise very cool

What the.............

I have no idea what that was about, but I say that you did the movie pretty well. I'm guessing you were giving us something to think about(hopefully).

Moral of the story: Dont come back and take all the food with ya, you may die for it.


once again, i am staring at my monitor in amazment, wonderin whut in the hell i jus saw. i do like this cartoon better than the one with the nakid vampire.


Holy shit.....That was so freaking cool.Tho, i saw her body frame most of the time, might wanna try to edit,but maybe you can't,it doesnt mess up the overall performance.But,that chick is WACK!!!!!!!

cool but a little repetative

it was good and the animation was very smooth and life-like. Their motions were very natural. some scenes were repetative but i guess that was for effect. The audio was very good except for her final rant and even that was just a little. other than that it was awesome.